Thursday, October 8, 2009

My book-love...

"Everything in the world exists in order to end up as a book." 
Stephan MallarmeFrench poet, 1842-189

I love books, all types of books. I love walking into a bookstore or the public library and looking at books.  When I'm flipping through a book, I imagine all of the hard work, the worry, and the sleepless nights that each author put into each word and idea of a book.  I use to spend hours scouring the New York Times Bestsellers list and the Barnes & Noble Bestsellers list in search of my next great read.  I don't have the time now to hunt for my next book and I think this is actually a good thing because I think in my obsession to find great books, I missed a lot of really good books that would've meant a lot to me.  

   Last weekend, my favorite radio show, This American Life discussed "The Book that Changed My Life".  This program got me thinking about the books I've read and if any of them had changed my life.  I finally decided that there are a lot of books that have had an impact on my life.  But, I'm not sure if there is one that has drastically changed it. My current book-love is A Homemade Life by Molly Wizenberg.

I love this book because it is a heart-warming walk through the important moments in Molly's life as told through food. These are experiences that most of us have had (although I have yet to go to Paris) but what I really loved about the book was being able to catch a glimpse of another person's important moments. Also, Molly's descriptions of her father's love for Paris touched my heart and made me want to hop on a plane and go straight to a cafe for a pain au chocolat and a croissant. This book is warm and lovely and if you're looking for a book to snuggle up with at the end of a long day, this is your book.    

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