Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Here's to thirty years of love, laughter and happiness...

Thirty years ago today, my parents got married. Twenty-eight years later, I married my wonderful husband on the same date. Both weddings were lovely. They were full of love and laughter, friends and family.  

My mom has told me the story of the night before her wedding many times. It didn't consist of people running around trying to take care of last minute details or frantic break downs, no, it was my mom, my dad and all of their friends and family sitting around the table at my Grandparent's house playing cards. I feel incredibly blessed to have grown-up with the same people sitting at that table being a part of my life and showing me the true meaning of love and family.   

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! Thank you for sharing your wedding date, your wisdom and your love. And to my husband, thank you for being patient, kind and always encouraging. I couldn't ask for more. Happy Anniversary.

Photos by Preston Dial Photography.  Cake by Celebrations by Sonja.

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