Monday, February 1, 2010

Road trip...

Happy Monday everyone! A few weeks back, I met my younger (I don't use little because he is not little and has never been) brother in Auburn, AL. We went to Auburn to explore the town and of course, Auburn University. My brother, who has already had a life full of experiences in his short 25 years, has been accepted to Auburn to continue with his Marine Biology degree. 

We had such a fun time running around town and exploring what BB's (Baby Boy is my nickname for him, it is something that my Mom still calls him) life will be like beginning Fall 2010. We both loved the town, the people and of course the campus. Everyone was so nice and just excited to be at Auburn. 

This is BB in front of one of the Science buildings. He will spend most of his time in the four Science buildings, which look really new and fancy. This will be a wonderful place for him to continue to learn about marine life and indulge in his favorite past time, scuba diving. 

I'm really excited for my brother and a little jealous that he is going to Auburn. I've already gone through all of the school that I want to go through, but I have to admit that while we were in Auburn, part of me wanted to go back. Going to the campus bookstore, the student center, and seeing the football stadium made me long for the seemingly carefree college life, and definitely made me want to go back to school. When I texted my husband and told him I wanted to go to Auburn, his reply was "I thought that might happen." All I could do was smile and know that my days at school are over for now. But, I can't wait to go back to Auburn to visit BB and watch some SEC football. 

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