Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Companion for Franklin?...

For the past three years,  probably... maybe longer, my husband and I have debated getting another dog. We debate the ins and outs of a new dog, like who is going to get up in the middle of the night to take the puppy out, or how do you crate train one dog while the other one stays free, or how do we keep Franklin from being jealous. 

Most of the questions we debate are easily answered, which is why we think an older dog would be ideal, but for me, my biggest concern is Franklin. How will a new dog affect my little guy. How will we bring another dog into Franklin's house and make him understand that this dog is here for good. I worry about other things like size compatibility and temperament and sleeping arrangements... and.... and... and..., it could go on forever. The idea of getting another dog is exhausting and we haven't even moved beyond the discussion phase. 

I imagine these are the same kind of conversations that people have before they have another child. Although I am not comparing my dog to a kid, he is like a kid to me and I worry about his well-being and happiness.  

**As a side note, my blog has really become a Franklin blog but I promise that there will be more than just Franklin happening around our house as soon as Spring gets here. 

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