Monday, February 22, 2010

Doggie Regression {Around the House}...

I'm not sure if it's the cold, the left over snow or the lack of sunshine, but over the past two weeks my lovely little dog has regressed back to his stubborn, obstinate teenage phase. I completely understand his frustration with the snow as it has taken over every sidewalk in our neighborhood and has forced us to walk in the road with the salt and brine mix which hurts his feet. I also understand his frustration with the cold because I too feel angry when I have to put on 4 layers of clothes just to walk down the street to go get the mail. And, I completely understand his frustration with little or no sunshine for weeks on end. Franklin is a part beagle so he loves to lay in the warm sunshine while he naps the day away. 

But, for the past two week Franklin, who is 5, has decided that he is not going to listen to anything I say. Walks that use to be enjoyable are now full of me telling him to get out of the middle of the road or me saying "no, this way." Then when we get home he refuses to come inside and finally when he does he stands and stares at me for minutes on end with his super hateful "I'm mad at you" look. Trust me, when you see the look you know he's mad at you. 

This phase is definitely not as bad as the original teenage phase was, but I am ready for this regression to end. I am also hoping for more sunshine, warmer temperatures and Spring to come soon. Until then, Franklin and I will continue to go on walks and I will try to be more patient with him. 

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