Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Appliance Lovin'...

Let me tell you about my favorite appliance at the moment. Actually, it's been my favorite since the day we bought it a year and a half ago. It's our Keurig, the coffee, tea, hot cocoa maker, or whatever other drink you want maker. Well, almost any other drink, I say almost because it doesn't do lattes, cappuccinos or things that involves milk, but it does make quick, good tasting coffee and tea.

The best part are the little K-cups. This is how you make coffee, tea or hot cocoa. You just open the top of the Keurig and put the K-cup in and hit the brew button, about 30 seconds later you have your hot drink and are ready to walk out the door. You don't have to mess with a filter or coffee grounds, the K-cup is self-contained, so the clean up is so easy. There are also tons of K-Cups out there and many coffee shops are coming out with their own. You can buy them where you buy the Keurig or there are many websites where K-cups are sold. I also love it because you can set it to turn on at a specific time and turn off after a designated time period.

The Keurig also lets you make the drink in a variety of sizes from small tea cups to large travel mugs, depending on what Keurig you have. The Keurigs come in a variety of sizes too. There is a new Mini, which is perfect for a single cup at a time, all the way to the Platinum which also makes cold beverages like lemonade or tea. I use my Keurig several times a day, especially in the winter and love, love, love it.

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